Why should You Join Speaker's Club?

"Do that which you fear to do and the fear will die" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We must be up to the mark when we are interacting with another person. Confidence should be displayed during the course of time when we are speaking and hesitance should be lacking. We can be subject to humiliation, mockery if we don’t exhibit have good interaction with others. We must remember that in a democracy, the leaders who rule us for an n numbers are good at doing so only because they were good enough to persuade us to choose them as our leader. Two brands let’s suppose A and B sell the same product but why do we choose Brand A and not Brand B or vice versa? It’s because of the advertisements we saw of the brand and the interaction they had with their customers that led us to choose certain brand which we ended up in choosing.

The fall of tyrants and rise of democratic leaders was also seen in world history. Democratic leaders went on to establish democracy in their homeland because they had the power. They weren’t any superheroes or any God of the seven kingdoms but were people who were like you and me. They had that one key, that tool that attracted masses. That key wasn’t any Magic potion or any magic trick of a magician rather it was there interaction. Their interaction with their people, the dream they made see their people became there weapon. It was there voice. Their voice became there power. Voice is power. They spoke against the injustice that was happening and raised the voice for the justice that was required. This is how they became renowned leaders. You too can become on. Whoever you are who is reading this article there could be a thought process in your mind. You would be filled with self-doubt but always remember Warren buffet who is the world’s 7th richest person with a net worth of over $101B and growing to had a fear of speaking and interaction.

Barren buffet before giving presentation would vomit before doing so and would even avoid such classes beforehand.  When he started his career as a stock broker, he realized he would need to face his fear of public speaking head-on. He enrolled in a Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course. He started teaching a class at a university, on investment. The more he practiced, the easier it got and the more confident he became. It’s safe to say that he completely crushed his fear of public speaking.


You too just like warren buffet can crush your fear of public speaking at the speakers club. The speaker club helps you in: -

(1)    Improving your speaking capability.

(2)    Helping you in bargaining the salary which you are entitled to.

(3)    Crushing your fear of public speaking.

(4)    Helping you maintain a good body posture when you are standing. 

Get involved in the speakers club and make history.